Preparing Properties for Sale

Helping Buyers Find the Extraordinary in Your Property

By Howard Morrel & Leslie Hirsch

At Morrel Hirsch & Advisors, we understand that preparing a luxury property for sale is both a science and an art.

The science comes in a proper valuation, timing the presentation correctly, making sure the right players are informed, planning marketing to hit with force, removing obstacles to a positive inspection, gathering all the facts on taxes, building fees, boards, and restrictions.

The list is long, and mistakes in the science of a sale can be costly.

The Special Ambience & Hidden Delights

Ultimately, however, we know that the art of our presentation ensures the best result. Luxury buyers are seeking the extraordinary, and it’s our job to help them see it in your property: the special ambience, the hidden delights, the possibilities.

That means more than a fresh coat of paint.

Interest-Free Advances Available

All of our coordination work typically falls within normal brokerage fees, and we can often advance monies interest-free to get everything done.

Preparing a property for sale

Rolling Up Our Sleeves

Sellers come to Morrel Hirsch because they know we will handle both the science and the art of a luxury sale with experience, imagination, and a deep understanding of the market.

They also know we will roll up our sleeves and take care of all the details of even the most complex property sale: We have our own in-house appraisers. We handle clean-out, the sale or auction of art and collectibles. We help with the preparation of co-op board packages.

This Wall Cries Out for Art

Then we craft the presentation itself: This wall cries out for an interesting work of art. Those curtains will frame the drama of the view. We partner with only the finest contractors, decorators, movers, lending galleries, staging companies—absolutely whatever it takes to create a special story for your property.

Is your sale part of a trust or estate action? We offer many services to trustees, heirs, and their representatives—including handling everything from clean-out to the sale and distribution of valuables within the property.

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